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Hawkins Contura Black Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker | Stainless Steel Inner Lid

Hawkins Contura Black Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker | Stainless Steel Inner Lid

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About this item - 1.5 Ltr

From the Manufacturer/Importer

The hard anodized models have all the features and benefits of the Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker in a hard anodized body and stainless steel lid. The beautiful, durable black finish given by 60 micron thick hard anodizing has two benefits. It makes the pressure cooker absorb heat faster, making it more energy-efficient. And the pressure cooker stays looking new for years. Recommended for use on gas stoves.

Ideal for cooking for:1-2 Persons
Base flat diameter:130 mm
Base thickness:3.25 mm
Carton dimensions (WxDxH):322 x 178 x 135 mm
Product weight in carton:1.49 kg
Net Quantity:1 U

Features and Benefits


   Unique Curved Body

The cooker body is given the right curvature, which has three benefits: food is easy to stir during the cooking that is done prior to pressure cooking; this helps prevent the food from sticking or burning and clean-up is so easy! . For difficult dishes which require a lot of stirring, the Contura with its rounded sides is an ideal pressure cooker.




Hard Anodized - Inside and Out

The Contura Black pressure cooker body is hard anodized all over, inside and outside, which, coupled with the stainless steel lid, ensures high standards of hygiene and durability. These metals are known to be less reactive with the juices and acids in various foods.


 Strong Hard Anodised Body

The beautiful, durable black finish given by 60 microns thick hard anodizing has three benefits. It makes the pressure cooker absorb heat faster making it more energy-efficient. Your pressure cooker stays looking new for years. And the hard anodizing surface reacts less with the acids and juices in the food





 Food-Grade Superior Stainless Steel lid

The food-grade stainless steel lid along with the hard anodized body all over – inside and outside – ensures the highest levels of hygiene and durability!



    The Hawkins Pressure-Locked Safety lid

The unique Hawkins Pressure-Locked Safety lid ensures that when there is pressure inside the cooker, the lid is pressure-locked like a modern jetliner door. It cannot be opened until the pressure has fallen to a safe level.





Perfect Sealing through better design - “Play”

The lid handle bar is so attached to the lid that there is extra space for deliberate “play” or movement. This ensures perfect sealing of the lid with the rim of the cooker body. This is an advanced design feature - do not try to tighten the bar and remove this “play”!



Fixed Sturdy Pivot

The fixed sturdy pivot assists the self-centralizing lid in locking securely and safely in place, ensuring a steam-tight seal. It is also designed so that no undue pressure is put on the plastic handles, as it is part of the metal handle itself. Thus the handles last longer.




Superior Pressure Regulation

The New Improved pressure regulation system regulates pressure better, cooks faster, saves more fuel, is easier to insert and remove and reduces sprouting of frothy foods (such as dal).




Automatic Safety Valve

The automatic Safety Valve is positioned such that, if it operates, the steam and food are deflected safely downwards.



   Longer Lasting Gasket

As the lid fits from inside, the gasket does not get rubbed sideways, or cut or scraped every time the pressure cooker is opened or closed. Further, exposure of the gasket to food acids in the pressure cooker is minimized due to the protection given to it by the rim of the lid.




Sturdy, Stay-Cool Handles

Your pressure cooker comes with stay-cool handles which are easy and comfortable to hold while cooking. The handles are designed to provide optimal comfort and protection from excessive heat when the cooker is in use. The metal screws and rivets used to fasten the handles are safely recessed to limit the chances of your hand coming into contact with hot metal during cooking.



 Works on Gas

Recommended for use on Gas stove.



 The Hawkins Cookbook Advantage

A cookbook or instruction manual is supplied free of cost with each pressure cooker. It valuable and practical information on the proper use and care of your pressure cooker, and a variety of tested recipes as well. Feel free to experiment and develop your own recipes once you are comfortable using your pressure cooker!



Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 2 Litre,Hawkins pressure cooker,Pressure Cooker,CookerThe Hawkins Test Kitchen

The test kitchen writes instructions for the user, develops recipes and solves customer problems. The test kitchen tests products from the consumer’s point of view. If a prototype has some issues at the testing stage, the test kitchen sends it back to the R&D Centre for improving the design.



Certified by UL

UL Certificate No. SA5984. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent Worldwide safety analysis, testing and certification Organisation. Headquartered in Chicago, UL was founded in 1894. The UL mark is widely accepted and recognised as a trusted symbol of safety. Their certification includes evaluation and factory surveillance of products by their field representatives worldwide. Several Hawkins models are certified by UL - such models carry the UL mark stamped on the product external base, and printed on the product carto



MANUFACTURED BY                                                       
MUMBAI 400 005, INDIA. 

Made in India
MUMBAI 400 016.
TEL: (022) 24 440 807 

Warranty not applicable on Breakable parts and normal wear & tear. Read Instruction manual before using the products for further details. Contact authorized service center for service. Retain warranty Card to avail the warranty. Contact customer support for service.

Legal Disclaimer: Warranty will be provided by the manufacturer/Importer through nearest Authorised Service Centre.

Hawkins Authorized Service

Hawkins offers free service throughout the life of your pressure cooker at around 700 service centers all across India, Nepal & Bhutan. These service centers will replace without any charge parts which are under guarantee. Normal replacement parts, namely safety valve, gaskets and plastic handles are not covered under this guarantee. Even beyond the guarantee period for the entire life of the cooker, Hawkins authorized service centers will only charge for parts replaced and not for labor.

Each of these service centers have been trained at the factory training center. Only such trainees that meet our standards are appointed as service centers.

These service centers are checked periodically by trained company personnel. Such evaluations form a basis for the remuneration of the service centers by us.

Such Authorized Dealers will additionally have the legend “Service Centre” appear alongside their name in the dealer list.


1) Should you pressure-cook by counting whistles or timing as per the cookbook recipe?
Counting whistles may give you the wrong time for cooking any particular food or recipe. As a result, food may not get properly cooked, and there are chances of water drying up and food burning, and/or safety valve fusing. Start timing recipes when the pressure cooker reaches full operating pressure. Use a kitchen timer or watch/clock – precise timing is critical to successful pressure cooking, which is much faster than conventional cooking so timing errors have greater consequences.
2) What is the maximum quantity of food that can be cooked in a pressure cooker?
Cooking capacity in a pressure cooker is less than its full volume. The pressure cooker body should never be filled more than two-thirds its capacity. This is to safeguard against blocking the steam vent/vent tube and to leave enough space to allow steam to circulate. Certain foods, however, such as soups and other liquid foods, foods such as lentils and rice which expand during cooking should not be loaded more than half the capacity of the cooker body. Dals which sprout, such as tuvar and moong, should not be loaded more than one-third the capacity of the cooker.
3) Which foods cannot be cooked in a pressure cooker?
Certain foods, such as applesauce, cranberries, pearl barley, oatmeal or other cereals, split peas, noodles, macaroni, rhubarb or spaghetti can foam, froth and sputter, and clog the pressure release device (steam vent). These foods should not be cooked in a pressure cooker. Cooking moong dal is not recommended in pressure cookers of capacity 3 Litre or lesser, as it is prone to excessive frothing and sprouting.
4) What is the minimum quantity of water that should be added while pressure cooking?
Minimum water recommendation is 1 cup/240 ml for the first 10 minutes of pressure cooking time and ½ cup for every subsequent 10 minutes or part thereof. It is important to follow the minimum water recommendation for pressure cooking because if there is less water there are chances of the cooker boiling dry. In such a situation, the temperature and pressure inside the cooker rise and cause the safety valve to fuse.
5) Will the lid going inside the pot stop me from filling the cooker to capacity? Will the food soil the lid?

Every pressure cooker manufacturer recommends that the pressure cooker be filled no more than two thirds. This is because space is required for steam. What’s more, filling beyond a certain level increases the chance of food clogging the steam vent. Some pressure cookers such as the Futura and Hawkins Ventura have marked the maximum level to which food should be filled to make it easy for you to judge the required two-thirds level. The maximum quantities of food indicated are after allowing for this one-third empty space required in the cooker, which is the same for all cookers. You are therefore not losing any usable capacity by having an inside fitting lid. In fact, if you were to overfill the cooker by mistake the lid may not go in and that would remind you to reduce the food to the correct level. Here is an additional safety feature!
6) Why is the lid handle of the pressure cooker loose?
There is some ‘play’ deliberately provided for the lid handle, as it assists in centralising the lid over the mouth of the cooker body and helps in proper sealing of the cooker.
7) How do you prevent frothing and sprouting of dal in the pressure cooker?
1. Ensure that you use a small burner or medium heat of a large burner when cooking in a Baby series cooker.
2. Do not fill the cooker (dal and water combined) to more than 1/3. Do not exceed dal and water quantities and cooking times given in the cookbooks.
3. Do soak dal (in enough water to cover dal) for 15 minutes before pressure cooking and add 1 teaspoon salt, ¼ tsp turmeric and 1 tsp vegetable oil per cup of dal, to dal and water in cooker before closing the lid.
4. Do reduce heat to medium immediately when the pressure cooker reaches full operating pressure.
5. Do not release pressure by lifting the pressure regulator.
To watch video, please click the link:
8) What are the reasons for fusing of safety valve?
1. If there is less water there are chances of the cooker boiling dry. In such a situation, the temperature and pressure inside the cooker rise and cause the safety valve to fuse.
2. When the vent tube is blocked, there is no outlet for steam, thus the pressure inside increases beyond the normal level causing the safety valve to fuse.
3. If cooker is used on a larger flame than required such as if a baby series cooker having a small base is used on a large burner of a gas stove, the flame will extend to the sides of the cooker, thereby overheating the cooker and fusing the safety valve.
4. Continuing cooking on high heat and not reducing heat after cooker reaches full operating pressure.

9) How do I replace a fused safety valve?
If the safety valve fuses, please shut the heat. When cool, replace the safety valve with a genuine Hawkins safety valve. Please see the section “Do-it-Yourself Repairs” at
10) How do I replace a fused safety valve?
If the safety valve fuses, please shut the heat. When cool, replace the safety valve with a genuine Hawkins safety valve. Please see the section “Do-it-Yourself Repairs” at
11) Does the Hawkins cooker have an ISI mark?
All Hawkins pressure cookers are quality-certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, popularly known as ISI. Hence all pressure cookers manufactured by us carry the ISI stamp mark. Additionally, most of the Hawkins pressure cookers are listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, USA, an independent Worldwide institution testing products for public safety and carry UL stamp mark too.
12) What is the pressure/temperature inside the Hawkins pressure cooker?
Pressure: 15 PSI (pounds per square inch); Temperature: 121ºC (250ºF)
13) Can a pressure cooker be used for baking?
The pressure cooker should never be used as an oven for dry heating or baking as it reduces the strength of the metal & can damage the cooker. NO DRY HEATING !


Warranty, if any, not applicable on Breakable parts and normal wear & tear. Read Instruction manual before using the products for further details. Contact authorized service center for service. Retain warranty Card & proof of purchase to avail the warranty, if applicable. Contact customer support for service.

Legal Disclaimer: Warranty, if applicable, will be provided by the manufacturer/Importer through them or their nearest Authorized Service Centre.

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