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❛ Welcome to Surana Sons - Your Trusted Destination for Crockery, Steel, and Home Appliances! ❟

For over 70 years, Surana Sons has been a pillar of excellence in providing top-quality crockery, steelware, and home appliances to discerning customers. We take immense pride in being a family-owned and operated business, deeply rooted in the values of integrity, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

Established in 1952, Surana Sons has become a household name in Chhattisgarh and beyond. Our legacy began with a vision to deliver products of superior craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics, designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of every home. Over the years, we have honed our expertise and expanded our offerings, but our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering.

At Surana Sons, we understand that the kitchen and home are sacred spaces, where memories are created and cherished. That is why we meticulously curate our collection of crockery, steelware, and home appliances to offer you nothing but the best. From elegant dinnerware that elevates your dining experience to durable steel utensils that stand the test of time, we strive to bring you products that combine style and functionality in perfect harmony.

Our extensive range of crockery includes a myriad of designs, patterns, and materials to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you are looking for fine bone china for a special event or everyday essentials for your kitchen, we have a diverse selection to cater to your needs. Each piece is carefully chosen to reflect the latest trends and timeless classics, ensuring that you find something that speaks to your unique style.

In addition to our crockery collection, we offer a wide array of high-quality steelware. From cookware and kitchen tools to serving dishes and storage solutions, our steelware range is designed to meet the demands of modern kitchens. Our products are sourced from renowned brands known for their superior quality and durability, guaranteeing that you receive the best value for your investment.

Furthermore, Surana Sons is your go-to destination for home appliances that make your life easier and more comfortable. We offer a comprehensive selection of reliable and energy-efficient appliances that cater to all your needs. Whether you are in search of a mixer, grinder, microwave, or any other appliance, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect match for your requirements.

At Surana Sons, we believe that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized service, ensuring that every visit to our store is a delightful experience. We take the time to understand your needs, offer expert guidance, and assist you in making informed decisions.


We invite you to visit our store and explore the world of premium crockery, steelware, and home appliances that Surana Sons has to offer. Let us be a part of your journey to creating a beautiful, functional, and memorable home. Experience the difference of seven decades of excellence at Surana Sons - where quality meets tradition.

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